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Services >> Domestic

BBLUE BIRD freight Solutions Domestic shipment services are subjected to the BBLUE BIRD freight Solutions - Terms and Conditions of Carriage, and the liability terms incorporated therein. Please read the Documents carefully before you avail of our services. The fastest, most reliable, door-to-door delivery service within India for documents and small shipments under 32 kgs per package.

Domestic Services

We serve you with :
  • Express delivery of your consignments in National metros and major cities within 24-48hrs and rest of India 48-72 hrs.
  • Pick up from your door
  • Regulatory Clearances for all States in India taken care of by our team of specialists, to resolve the regulatory mandates.
  • Computerized Proof of delivery on demand, we provide you the proof of delivery confirming the date and time of delivery.
  • Updated delivery status on your package.
  • Flexible cut-off timings.
  • Competitive rates.
  • An efficient system for bulk cargo handling.
  • Integrated logistics solutions to cater to the needs of corporate houses operating as a single point interface. Our customized solutions cover activities like transportation, distribution.

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